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Added 7/9/2010
Updated 11/29/2010
Repeat after me, because, I know you *really* want to...

"Ikkakumon Digivolve tooooo.....(low, husky voice)ZUDOMOOOON!"

See? Wasn't that fun?! After reading this and realizing that you don't do this in your own gallery, don't you feel better about yourself now?

I'm not a big fan of computer animated shows. I miss holding a piece of the artwork, especially those of the colored variety. Despite the fact that I own several items from computer animated shows, they still don't grab at my heart strings as much as the cels do.

I received this original settei in a packet of unloved Digimon settei at Mandarake Nakano during my Ocotober 2008 trip there. At the Nakano store, there's a lot of randomly packaged, unloved artwork there for about 1000 yen each. And while you can see a sample of what's inside from the front of the packet, you never really know what you're going to get inside until you open it. I absolutely love the randomness of it - for about the same price as a Chicken Yakitori dinner at work, I can get some nifty stuff. So, I guess you can tell what Bunny stocks up on when she's there...

Apparently there's enough Digimon fans on the board that my little Zudomon here was gifted with a second place award in the 2009 Anime Beta Sketch Awards. Yeeeeaaaah Zudmon!

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