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Episode 1
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Added 7/8/2010
Updated 10/10/2014
Swinging her staff, Sakura prepares to unleash the power of the only card in her possession - The Windy

This particular sequence of sketches comes from midway through Episode 1. It's from one of Sakura's most terrifying moments as she tries to capture the first Clow Card, The Fly. In this particular scene, Sakura is holding on to the feathers of an oversized, flying bird thousands of feet above Tokyo and informed by a small mouse-looking creature that she just met that she has to defeat this creature. Casting her magical circle on the creature, Sakura swings the sealing wand abover her head, only seconds away from capturing it.

I really liked how detailed the hand movements were in this particular sequence. Had I been in her shoes, twirling a staff would not have been anything I would have ever considered.

From Episode 1 - "Sakura to Fushigi na Mahou no Hon " (Sakura & the Mysterious Magic Book).

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