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Added 6/12/2010
Updated 11/24/2011
Shikishi board signed by the members of FLOW - Keigo Hayashi, Koushi Asakawa, Takeshi Asakawa, Hiroshi Iwasaki & Yasutarou Gotou.

Ok, so, *I* know that I wasn't the only one who was absolutely looking forward to these guys performing at Fanime 2010 - I lined up at the concert hall 4 hours before showtime and there was already a line. FLOW's music has been used as so many opening and ending themes that I enjoy. And they're hot. So, to recap, bishounens + good music + purple glow sticks courtesy of the Fanime Forums = One happy bunny.

(brags)And the hot guitarist blew me a kiss. Yes, just for me. Not for the hundreds of other b--ches behind me.

FLOW's autograph session was on Saturday since, according to the staff, they would only be in the US for two days. There were three autograph sessions that were set up on Saturday that I was interested in, and, because of this, I headed to the FLOW line about an hour and a half before they were scheduled to sign. Even so, I was only one person away from the exit in the waiting room, or, in other words, one of the last people to be guaranteed an autograph. One of my collector rivals who managed to be in the first line mentioned that, as the group passed by, their lead singer looked inside the waiting room and said, in Japanese, that it was just like Japan.

So desu ne? Because I'm sure Japan is just packed with natural blonds & redheads...

The nice thing about Fanime is that they really try to make sure that everyone gets a signature. That means, in the case of someone popular like FLOW, you stand in an assembly line and get 30 seconds of personal attention. That probably explains why the photos that I took of the signature session were not very good...

The staff later informed me that FLOW only signed for an hour, so, I imagine that my shikishi was one of the last that the group signed at the convention.

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