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Moi dix Mois
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Added 5/12/2010
Updated 11/24/2011
Shikishi board signed by three members of the J-Pop group, Moi dix Mois

One of the special guests at Anime Expo 2009, Moi dix Mois performed for those that attended the conference. The last day of the convention, they, along with several other artists, had a signature session.

Originally, the organizers informed those who weathered the last day of the convention that you could only line up for one artist. After standing in the hot July sun for about two hours(thank you, sunscreen!), I had no desire to waste my one-shot on a musical group. While waiting for the artist that I was interested in, the musical group line's evaporated. An organizer asked if I could go stand in the musical group's line, and in return, I wouldn't lose my place in the other line. Since I had a bunch of extra shikishi, I handed this one to the three members sitting there. Unfortunately, I don't know them well enough to determine which member signed it.

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