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Episode 46
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Added 5/4/2010
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Under attack by Queen Metallia, Princess Serenity prepares to unleash one of her own.

The final episode of the first season marks the first of many battles that Sailor Moon will experience. In terms of excitement, the battle is rather bland - Serenity and Metallia go back and forth, each one struggling to overcome the other. The episode is more of a demonstration of the special effects the animators at Toei could use at the time. Special effects layers, multiple backgrounds used per cel, and lots of flashing light were used to heighten the experience. After all, Sailormoon was originally intended to last one season, and its staff decided that they would go out with a bang...or, due to the flashing lights, an epileptic seizure.

I know I've said that I'm not much of a fan of the first two seasons. Sailormoon, while having the occasional moments of clarity, is not a deep character. Her first two final battles exemplify this by focusing more on the power of her seasonal weapons and less on the power of her psyche. This cel is a good example of this by highlighting the use of her Moon Crescent Wand.

From Episode 46 - "Usagi no omoiha eienni! Atarashiki tensei"(Usagi's Eternal Wish! Renewed Reincarnation).

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