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Episode 45
Source: TV
Layers: 1
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Cel Number: B12
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Added 3/25/2010
Updated 5/29/2020
"Sailor Teleport!"

Sailor Moon channels her energy to prepare to teleport to the North Pole to face Queen Berylite.

One of my wishlists from the first season was to get a piece of the "Sailor Teleport" sequence from episode 45. At the time, I had been searching and had not seen anyone with it either in their gallery, or up for sale. In May 2008, I saw a some genga from the sequence and was fortunate enough to win it. I figured that that would be it. But then, a few months later, this cel popped up.

The cel nicely compliments its rough genga, which were likely drawn by the episode''s director, Ikuko Ito. The genga give a nice idea as to how the creation process unfolded. This cel is a modified version of the pose selected from the group of rough sketches.

From Episode 45 - "Sera Senshi Shisu! Hiso naru shishusen"(The Sailor Senshi Die! The Tragic Final Battle).

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