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Episode 45
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Added 3/25/2010
Updated 8/20/2015
Sailor Moon channels her energy to prepare to teleport to the North Pole to face Queen Berylite.

In May 2008, I purchased a small set of genga and douga. The main draw for me was this and its sister genga. I believe that they were both drawn by the episode''s director, Ikuko Ito. Ito will later go on to draw many more key sequences in the Sailormoon anime, as well as several other anime projects including "Princess Tutu". The use of the Sailorsoldier''s teleportation method was only touched upon a couple of times in the anime, but only twice was it animated. In both instances, Ikuko Ito oversaw the animation, which makes it highly probable that this was her work.

This particular pose was used in the anime while its sister genga, the close-up, was not. The close-up was tossed aside for one that shows more of Sailor Moon''s body. By doing so, the viewer is able to see that Sailor Moon is united with the other senshi, holding their hands as she powers up. All in all, I think it was a smart move as the sequence works very well as is.

From Episode 45 - "Sera Senshi Shisu! Hiso naru shishusen"(The Sailor Senshi Die! The Tragic Final Battle).

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