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Episode 37
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Added 3/18/2010
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"Quiet! How dare you address a princess like so?!"

Dreaming that her teacher is yelling at her in class, Usagi blurts out the following...only to realize that, yes, she was in class, and now she has detention for her disturbance.

In the previous episode, Usagi discovers that she is really the Princess of the Moon. But Usagi realizes that she is nowhere near the definition of a princess. In this episode, Usagi takes is upon herself to attend a refinement school. Of course, Usagi is absolutely awful at being a lady - she has no sense of manners, is very clutzy and can''t dance. Her only saving grace, at least according to the charm school''s teacher, is that she can throw a discus very well.

I love Usagi''s angered, but made-up, face as she yells at her teacher during her daydream. A classic "Been There, Done That" momment, indeed.

From Episode 37 - "Mezase purinsesu? Usagi no chintokkun"(Aim to be a princess? Usagi''s Weird Training).

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