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Angel's Feather
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Added 1/2/2010
Updated 8/17/2014
Shikishi board featuring Sho Hamura from Angel's Feather, drawn and signed by the series' character designer, Kazue Yamamoto ( 山本 和枝 ).

I guess that most artists have a particular feature that they love when it comes to drawing. For me, it was always the eyes. Nothing I ever drew looked ''alive'' until the eyes were completed and colored. Normally, unless the artwork is cheap, I never go after items from anime that I have never heard of. But this was one of those items that made me ignore that policy. Those green eyes absolutely drew me in.

According to Anime News Network, Yamamoto was the character designer for Studio E.Go!''s project, "Angel''s Feather". Until June 2009, Yamamoto was also the head of Studio E.Go! as well. Studio E.Go! is probably best known for creating the "Izumo" anime. And although Yamamoto did attend Anime Expo 2005, I obtained this shikishi at a Mandarake auction.

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