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Card Captor Sakura - Episode 40

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Episode 40
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Added 1/2/2010
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"I'm so happy!"

Tomoyo cries out in happiness as she's surrounded by tons of Sakura clones, each dressed in Tomyo's cute costumes.

Later in this episode, Kero, Sakura's mouse shaped mascot, will tell Sakura that "The Dream" card shows the person what is truly important. Tomoyo's dream, which focuses solely on Sakura looking fetching in her Tomoyo's creations, is one of those sequences that makes the viewer question if Tomoyo's relationship with Sakura is just that of a friendly cousin. This pairing, while quite popular in Yuri doujinshi, was only briefly touched upon due to the series being aimed at young girls.

From Episode 40 - "Sakura to Yume no Naka no Sakura" (Sakura & the Sakura from the Dream).

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