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Episode 19
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Added 6/13/2009
Updated 12/2/2015
Kero -What is it, Kid? You don't even know this character?

Syaoran - How they use kanjii is different between Japan and Hong Kong!

Kero picks on Syaoran's inability to understand the Japanese language.

One thing I've found interesting is the differences in the written Chinese and Japanese characters. What Syaoran is likely experiencing is a case of 'kokkun' - where a Chinese word has been modified into a different word in Japanese. Many times, these 'kokkun' mean something completely different than the Chinese word. So, while Syaoran understands the Chinese version of the word, that meaning may not make sense in the context of his Japanese text.

From Episode 19 - "Sakura to Natsuyasumi no Shukudai" (Sakura and the Summer Holiday Homework).

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