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Episode 105
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Added 8/26/2008
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"There is no path that lets me live my life other than this path. Therefore, I walk this path."

Makoto comes to an important conclusion while training in the mountains.

Episode 105 is an important episode for Makoto, and perhaps my favorite starring this character due to its strong Shinto theme. Makoto has been in a slump lately and finds her attacks to be ineffective. However, instead of turning to her friends for help, Makoto heads to the mountains for rigorous training during her summer break. In this particular scene, Makoto has followed a karate master, Kakusui, to a waterfall for meditation. Frozen stiff due to the water's temperture, Kakusui is unable to answer Makoto's questions. When Makoto laughs at her frozen teacher, Kakusui says the above quote. He further informs her that, when problems arise in his life, even he questions whether his path was the best choice.

What is interesting about this episode is that it explores several key Shinto and Buddhist themes. In the case of this particular scene, the teacher, Kakusui, brings up the concept of the "highest choice". Both Buddhism and Shinto do not believe in a definite "right" or "wrong", but rather, the best possible choice for an individual at a certain point in their soul's spiritual evolution. But, by expressing doubt in his choices in life, Kakusui embodies another important quality of the Shinto belief - to always challenge your beliefs, regardless of your faith in them. Thanks to her newfound wisdom, Makoto becomes a much more determined fighter..

From Episode 105 - " Power ga hoshii! Mako-chan no mayoi michi"(Need more power! Mako-chan's lost way).

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