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Sailormoon Present
Source: Other
Layers: 2
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Cel Number: C2, C2''
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Added 5/28/2008
Updated 8/19/2014
Chibimoon opens the jewelry box to see what prize she received.

Due to poor sales of SuperS toys, Bandai created a special promotion in 1996 to make its goods more appealing. By sending in a proof of purchase from any Bandai Sailormoon SuperS doll or toy, you could receive one of three different Sailormoon jewelry items. The commercial, introduced by Sailormoon & Chibimoon singing "Seramyu puresento"(Sailormoon present), features the availble Bandai products and the prizes availble.

This particular commercial ran throughout 1996. The first variant of this commercial featured yellow cloisonne of Usagi while the second(shown during the Sailorstars season) featured a blue one. No backgrounds of any type were used during this commercial as the characters were layered on top of film of the product itself. As I liked the second version better, I had Miguel layer the artwork from my cel on top of the screenshot to create the same effect.

But all seriousness aside, there's an important tidbit of information that all Sailormoon fans might enjoy - Judging from Ami's response upon seeing the jewelry, we know she ain't a goldigga.

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