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Added 5/28/2008
Updated 8/19/2014
Usagi and Phoenix munch on 'kashiwa-mochi'.

This particular cel is from a very obscure segment that was only aired on May 5, 1993. Done to celebrate "Kodomo no hi"(Children's Day), Toei Animation made a short featurette with its two most popular characters at the time: Phoenix from "Super Bikkuriman" and Usagi from "Sailormoon". In this particular scene, Usagi and Phoenix are eating 'kashiwa-mochi', a mochi filled with red bean paste and wrapped in oak leaves. This fare is traditionally served in Japan on Children's Day.

Information on this particular featurette is limited, in part because no surviving copy exists on any public site. Unlike most Sailormoon commercials which, even today, can be viewed on the Japanese video site, Nico, this featurette is nonexistent. Owning a piece of this particular segment, is, in my opinion, quite a honor.

What I like about this cel is that it is one of a handful that show Usagi in the traditional kimono. The background for this cel(according to the timesheet that came with it) comes from Sailormoon episode 57.

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