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Episode 45 (.GIF)
Source: TV
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Added 3/31/2008
Updated 8/20/2015
Sailor Mercury quickly analyzes her perilous situation with her V-goggles.

Sailor Mercury, along with Moon, Mars, Jupiter and Venus, have all travelled to the D-Point for a final confrontation with Queen Beryl. Of course, Beryl has no intention of letting the girls get anywhere close to her and has set out her most powerful minions, the DD Girls, to eliminate her problem. Skilled with both a great physical and psychological arsenal, the DD girls have already killed Sailor Jupiter. Sailor Mercury, after dodging one of their attacks, realizes all too late that she's next in line.

I received these sketches with the Princess Kakyuu attack sketches as a sort of bonus. It's very rare that Sailor Mercury ever uses her glasses, so it's quite nice to have some artwork of this device. This sequence tries very hard to mimic the CG effect that Sailormoon, as well as other series, will later employ in their animation process. So, in that aspect, it's probably one of the last examples of its kind of what "pre-CGI effects" quality looked like.

Another interesting tidbit is that, for the entire first season and the first movie, whenever Mercury uses her glasses to analyze, the four laws from the 1987 movie "Robocop" are shown on her visor. These four laws are: Serve the public trust, protect the innocent, uphold the law and
(Classified). I'd love to find the effects cel of that, but, like a lot of the obscure effects artwork, it may have been lost to antiquity.

From Episode 45 - "Sailor Senshi shisu! Hisou naru saishuusen"(Death of the Sailor Soldiers! The Tragic Final Battle).

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