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Episode 86
Source: TV
Layers: 1
No sketches available
Cel Number: A2
Standard size

Key Cel
Original Unmatching Background

Added 3/4/2008
Updated 8/20/2015
"You're greatly mistaken there. I'm acting of my own will!"

Black Lady, preparing to eliminate the problematic Saffir, informs Sailor Moon that her decision to attack is solely her own.

Chibiusa, the troubled child who appears in the second arc of the Sailormoon R season, has joined forces with the seasonal enemy, Wiseman. Bombarded with negative energy, Chibiusa transforms into Black Lady. Tormented with warped memories of her negligent future parents, Black Lady doesn't hesitate when it comes to eliminating enemies. She's the perfect derranged villian, and sadly, she's only featured in 3 episodes.

I thought that this cel perfectly captured this character; Flirtateously pouty with a penchant for evil.

Although the background is not matching, it is a production background that was used during the production of episode 84.

From Episode 86 - "Safiiru zetsumei! Wiseman no wana" (The Death of Saffir! Wiseman's Trap.)

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