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Added 1/1/2008
Updated 4/22/2017
Princess Kakyuu is attempting to block Sailor Galaxia's attack with one of her own.

Princess Kakyuu, the sole hope that the Sailorstarlights have placed all their hope in, only attacks once during the two episodes that she appears in. Unlike the other senshi, in the animated version, Kakyuu's attack has no name. This animated douga set shows the intensity of the attack and the intricate artwork drawn to articulate the attack. In the sketch section of the page, you'll find the screenshots from the first and third frames of this attack. According to Selenity's the Art of Animations, this particular sequence was drawn by Michiaki Sugimoto, an animation director for the final season of Sailor Moon.

I was very fortunate to have won this set since it came with two other douga from the beginning of this attack. It's such a rare portrait of Kakyuu as an intense character, and sadly, a very short one.

From Episode 195 - "Kakyuu Princess Shoumetsu! Galaxia Kourin" (Kakyuu Princess is Destroyed! Galaxia Descends).

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