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Added 12/25/2007
Updated 8/22/2015

Princess Lubina is standing in front of the UN area, thanking Usagi and Chibiusa for helping her.

Lubina is one of my more favorite minor characters because she appeared to be an anime embodiment of Princess Di. As with many other people from around the world, I was touched by Princess Di's actions towards those who were less fortunate than her. As Lubina does many of the same things that Di would have done, I have often wondered if, in some small way, this was Takeuchi's tribute to this British monarch.

I received this cut as a bonus for purchasing some other cel douga. Since the genga was clearer and less convoluted than then douga, I used the genga for the gif.

From Episode 146 - "Juubangai no Kyuujitsu! Mujaki na Oujosama"
(The Holiday in Juubangai! The Simple Minded Princess).

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