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Playdia Quiz Taiketsu
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Added 11/14/2007
Updated 11/29/2010
Prior to the release of products such as "Leapfrog" in the United States, Japan had released a 32 bit console called "Playdia". Produced by Bandai in 1994, Playdia featured educational children games with popular Bandai characters. During its heyday, Bandai released several games featuring Sailormoon, Dragonball and Ultraman.

This particular cel comes from the Playdia game, "Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon S: Quiz Taiketsu! Sailor Power Kesshuu". The plot revolves around Usagi & her friends heading to an event hosted by an author. She ends up having her heart stolen by a daimon called Quiz. Quiz revives several "monster-of-the-day" villains and has them target the Sailor Senshi. Choosing either Usagi, Ami, Rei, Makoto or Minako will activate quiz questions, and, if you do well enough, the character you pick will transform. After transforming, you'll answer more questions. If successful, the Sailor Soldier you chose will attack and defeat their target. Once you've played as all five girls and defeated all their targets, Sailormoon will launch her final attack and defeat Quiz.

Apparently, no matter how poorly you do, the Sailor character you pick will still defeat their target. A short clip from this particular game can be found below.

I believe this background was used towards the end of the game, once a blushing Sailormoon turns to Uranus & Neptune. The timesheet states that the cel was used during the ED, which, is possible as Chibiusa does not transform in this game.

Either way, what I loved about this cel was that it captured Chibimoon as she is portrayed during the S season - an all around, bubbly, fun loving child.

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