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Ami no Hatsukoi
Source: TV
Layers: 1
Sketches: 1
Cel Number: A3
Oversize, 14W x 9H

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Added 6/2/2007
Updated 8/19/2014
"Here I am to wreck havoc in the tutoral exams."

Fueled by her desire to outdo her rival/crush Mercurius, Ami Mizuno heads to the "Number One Tutorial Seminar" to get the job done.

It's rare to see Ami looking fierce; I can think of only a handful of sequences in a series spanning five years where the normally calm Soldier of Intelligence loses her cool. Ami, who normally earns the highest scores in the nationwide exams, is bested by another student known under the pseudonym of "Mercurius". Unable to accept that someone can be just as bright as she is, Ami doubles her studying efforts, not only to remain Japan's number one student, but in the hopes of meeting her ideal man...someone just like Einstein.

From the short shown before the Sailormoon SuperS movie, "Ami no Hatsukoi"(Ami's First Love).

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