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Episode 35
Source: TV
Layers: 1
Sketches: 2
Cel Number: B2
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Added 4/27/2007
Updated 12/31/2010
His pride and body still wincing from his half-breed brother's victory, Sesshomaru finds comfort in the hands of the
'worthless' human girl he earlier rescued.

This episode marks a change in Sesshomaru's disposition towards humans. Up until this episode, Sesshomaru has treated humans with disdain. He readily snubs his younger, half-demon brother as their demonic father chose Inuyasha to receive the destructive Tetsusaiga that Sesshomaru felt should have been his. Finding an injured child alongside the road, Sesshomaru uses his healing blade, the Tenseiga, not as an act of pity, but an act of disgust to test how worthless his inheritance really is. However, the child Sesshomaru's selfish act saved repays deed with kindness and thus challenges Sesshomaru's belief that all humans are worthless creatures.

I wanted a cel of Sesshomaru for a while, but most of those that I had seen showed his angry, upset and all around unpleasant. This one seemed to capture Sesshomaru as how I viewed him; a tormented character, who, instead of being consumed by his darkness, has chosen a path to dawn.

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