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Baume Resin Model
Source: TV
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Added 3/26/2007
Updated 11/29/2010
This particular hanken is a rough draft from a model kit that was released by Baume in 1992. The artwork is done by Mr. Kazuhiko Miyake, who apparentely did several pieces of artwork for this company around this time. Hanken artwork for a Sailormoon model kit is very rare as most kits featured a detailed picture of how the model would look like after painted and built. The kit consist of a 1/8 size Sailormoon(detailed to look like the picture) and a Mercury bust model.

I located the kit that this particular image was used for, and apparentely, the item is so rare in Japan that the model apparentely sells for upwards of $500. This particular lot of sketches of this hanken were sold on Mandarake's BWA 32, however, I purchased them on Yahoo Japan when the winner resold it.

I've included images from the BWA that shows the artwork and the auction image where this particular hanken was used.

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