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Episode 43
Source: TV
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Added 2/23/2007
Updated 8/20/2015
This is the only time in the anime where the original manga version of Sailor Moon is featured. This particular cel and douga set are from Usagi's letter to Kunzite (Malachite), informing him that she has decided to defect from the Sailor Senshi team. Of course, the letter is part of a hoax Usagi devised in order to find out more about her abducted love interest, Mamoru.

Thanks to 'throughhim413', I have a translation to the written douga that came from this cel and is likely featured in this ad:

"I'm once again fighting for Love and Justice as a Beautiful Sailor Soldier, but I wish it would end!
But with my companions by my side, together we can face any challenge!
Tonight, I'll make my confession."

The episode translation is:

"I want to quit being a Sailorsoldier of love and justice. I don't want to fight with those other soldiers anymore. I want to make a shocking confession, so I will be waiting at the Juuban Cemetary at 11pm tonight."

Quite a difference, huh?

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