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Episode 173
Source: TV
Layers: 1
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Original Unmatching Background

Added 2/8/2007
Updated 10/11/2014
" Stop it!"

Eternal Sailor Moon, standing in front of the youma, refuses to allow the Sailor Starlights to kill her.

This cel is from the first confrontation between the Sailor Starlights and Eternal Sailor Moon. Sailor Iron Mouse has taken the Star Seed away from a young actress, Itsuki Arisu. The Sailor Starlights inform Sailor Moon that once the seed is taken, they have no choice but to kill the creature. After begging the Starlights to stop, Sailor Moon's new healing device, the Moon Tier, appears.

The set-up that came with this particular cel is interesting. Out of the lot of four that the seller had, this is the only one that arrived with a background and a special effects layer. However, in the anime, this particular scene did not feature any special effects.

From Episode 173 - "Wakare to Deai! Unmei no Hoshiboshi no Ryuuten"(A farewell and an encounter! The destiny of shooting stars).

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