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Episode 104
Source: TV
Layers: 2
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Cel Number: A1, B1E
Standard size

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Added 1/8/2007
Updated 4/22/2017
"Small Lady, what you have to learn in the 20th century is to make friends."

Recalling her conversation with her mother in the future, Chibiusa affirms why she's returned for "training".

This episode marks Chibiusa's return into the Sailor Moon plot. Originally, Chibiusa was only designed to be in the Sailor Moon R season, but due to her popularity in Japan, Toei was urged to bring the character back after several complaints. This particular shot is the last time in the series that we see Neo Serenity speaking with her daughter in the future, and the only time we see them together in Crystal Tokyo.

What I love about this cel is that the future Sailor Moon is glancing at the present Sailor Moon. The relationship of past, present and future is my favorite theme of the entire series, so I'm utterly thrilled to have been fortunate enough to have won this item on Mandarake's Zenbu 33. The set-up is interesting to as, unlike other Sailormoon cels that feature black lines, this particular cel uses blue. This blue ink appears to be longer lasting than the black ink that Toei generally uses. There is no line fading.

From Episode 104 - "Tomodachi wo motomete! Chibi Moon no katsuyaku"(Looking for Friends! Busy Chibimoon).

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