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Episode 180
Source: TV
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Added 12/18/2006
Updated 4/22/2017
"What is this feeling? A very strong wave? A message of their love?"

As Michiru performs on her Stradivarius violin, the Marine Cathedral, she senses that the Three Lights might be more than just another idol group.

This episode hinges upon a concert that the popular idol group, the Three Lights, and Michiru Kaioh, a superb violinist in her own right, arrange. While the performance, by all outward appearance, seems normal, it's an oppertunity that Michiru uses to study Seiya. Both Michiru and her partner, Haruka, fear for Usagi's safety, and feel that Seiya, along with his compatriots, Taiki and Yaten, are a threat. As Michiru will later use her feminine wiles to seduce Seiya, this episode also brings up an important question as to Michiru's sexual preference and Michiru's relationship with Haruka. My thoughts on the issue are simple - While Michiru is deeply in love with Haruka, she also has no problem with using her body if, by doing so, it will help protect the well-being of the future Queen of the Silver Millenia.

As someone who praticed the violin for many years, I admire Michiru's ability in playing this instrument so well. I love how focused on the piece she appears to be, when, in reality, she's more concerned with learning the true intent of the Three Lights.

From Episode 180 - "Yobiau Hoshi no Gagayaki! Haruka tachi Sansen"(The glitter of the calling stars! Haruka and Michiru join in battle).

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