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Sega Saturn SuperS game
Source: TV
Layers: 2
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Cel Number: A1, B4end
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Added 8/10/2006
Updated 3/26/2018
Sailor Saturn, who only appeared in a couple of episodes in her Sailor senshi form, is one of the more desired characters in the Sailormoon series. However, while Saturn never appeared in the SuperS season, she did appear in several commercials for video games and dolls. This shot is from the SuperS Sega Saturn commercial of "Sailormoon - Another Story" in which, in two player battle mode, you could play Sailor Saturn(the outers did not appear in story mode). The commercial features the Outer Senshi confronting the Inner Senshi and telling them what kind of difficulty they'll face in the game. In the end, each Sailor Senshi showcases a new and much shorter transformation - including Saturn. Unfortunately, the images from Saturn's transformation were never used in the Sailorstars season. In this particular cel, Sailor Saturn in speaking to Sailor Venus. This particular cel shows up at 2:34 in this clip from the 5:50 commercial. The clip viewed below is the abridged version of this commercial.

This cel was one of the items I went after on the Mandarake Zenbu 31 auction. I loved Saturn's first fuku better than the second outfit, and this cel even features part of her transformation brooch. The coloration is astounding, the lines are crisp and the expression, in my opinion, perfectly fits the only senshi capable of destroying the galaxy with one blow. Saturn has a very "all-knowing" expression here, which is probably what drew me to the picture the most.

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