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Episode 46
Source: TV
Layers: 1
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Cel Number: A1
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Added 3/14/2006
Updated 4/22/2017
"Moon Prism Power!"

Guided by the spirits of her deceased Inner Senshi friends, Princess Serenity unleashes the full power of the Silver Crystal on Queen Metallia.

This scene, which flashes several times during the final minutes of the Metallia(Berylite) / Sailor Moon battle in Episode 46 is one of the most sought-after cels in the Sailormoon universe. Several card sets released around this time all feature this particular cel, which has only aided in immortalizing this scene for fans of this anime. Sailor Moon, after witnessing the death of her friends and the man she loves, seeks strength to defeat Berylite. Despite Luna's warnings that such an action will result in her death, Sailor Moon, transformed into Princess Serenity, continues anyways. This particular scene also reappears in Episode 47 when Luna flashes scenes from her memory to help Usagi remember her past as Sailor Moon.

I had wanted this cel ever since I saw it for auction on Yahoo Japan in 2003. I ended up losing the vicious bidwar, but a *big* thanks to Nikki for selling me this beautiful cel a couple of years later ^_^

From Episode 46 - "Usagi no omoiha eienni! Atarashiki tensei"(Usagi's Eternal Wish! Renewed Reincarnation).

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