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Episode 173
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Added 1/15/2006
Updated 10/16/2017
As Seiya passes Usagi in the airport, he senses something is different about her.

Seiya, the leader of the Three Lights, had a very interesting relationship with Usagi. At first, I believe, Seiya's pursuit of Usagi was not founded on lust, but on understanding who(and what) Usagi is. Like the princess that he is searching for, Usagi has the ability to heal anyone who has had their star seed taken. Later on in the series, Seiya transplants an image of Usagi over his princess, seeming to believe that they are one and the same. This particular scene marks a moment where Seiya's influence would not only affect Usagi's personal life, but would also influence the destiny of the rest of the Sailorsoldier team.

From Episode 173 - "Wakare to Deai! Unmei no Hoshiboshi no Ryuuten"(A farewell and an encounter! The destiny of shooting stars).

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