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Pretty Sammy Bank
Source: TV
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Cel Number: A10
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Added 11/18/2005
Updated 11/29/2010
Pretty Sammy is getting ready to unleash her attack at a Love-Love Monster.

So, what collection could be complete with at least one cel of Pretty Sammy? Back when I was in high school, they showed episodes of "Tenchi Muyo" on my local PBS station(KQEH!). Every Sunday I'd stay up to see it, and of course I loved the "Parallel Universe" saga where Sasami became a "Sailormoon-ish" heroine, Pretty Sammy. And when the spoof was given its own anime, I had to buy some VHS tapes...even though it was $30 for 3 episodes.

Despite Sasami's shortcommings and that of her insane parents, I absolutely adored her. She was a true friend, even helping out her best friend, Misao, despite all the trouble Misao's alter-ego had caused. Plus, the fact that the creators brought back all the old Tenchi characters in new positions(ie. Mihoushi as Sasami's teacher - I guess they're even desperate for teachers in Japan too) was very entertainning.

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